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“I have found the singing bowl sessions to be unlike any other meditative therapy I have experienced. I feel the sounds and vibrations provide an amazing atmosphere to ground my thoughts and bring a sense of contentment that can be very elusive for me to hold on to for very long. The singing bowls have allowed time for both relaxation and emptiness as well as a time for deep contemplation and clarity. Regardless of my state of mind at the time, the singing bowls have always provided the cleansing I needed. I feel this is something everyone needs to experience. I had never experienced singing bowls prior to coming to Chiang Mai. I have been a therapist for nearly 20 years and I wish I had been introduced to this meditative practice long ago. I have found this art to be highly effective for grounding, relaxation, and clarity. Singing Bowl Therapy is especially helpful when introducing Eastern techniques into the counseling process. I encourage all practitioners to explore this immersive intervention. The singing bowls can provide a profound impact from the very first session and are appropriate for all stages of therapy.”

Jacob A. Dreiling MA., LPC, NBCC (US) 

“Eve has a style when conducting a singing bowl exercise that is truly authentic and resonates with me to my core, I always feel like I have had an encounter with my higher self. Wherever I need soothing or healing I can be sure to have encountered a shift in my heart, mind, or body.  A grounding and very moving experience.”  

Jackie (UK)

"Sense of release, sense of connection."

Stephen (UK)

"I've had some existential thoughts and curiosity when experiencing with singing bowls."

Max (Belgium)

"I would recommend it to anyone because it can generally improve your mood and process some deep thoughts to help you go through the day."

"Perfect experience."  "Thank you, Eve."

Diane (US) 

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